Invest in the strongest creative team in the business. 

A note from

       Jennie + Fay

Show, don't tell.


Good photos are good. Good websites are good. Great photos and a great digital campaign equals one exceptional product.


JMD x FAYMOUS is a strategic partnership between two like-minded companies operating in synergy to achieve one goal — elevating your brand. 


The value of your investment increases exponentially when Jennie and Fay work as a team, streamlining the creative direction of your digital presence resulting in an unparalleled product. This superior product seamlessly reaches more people on more networks allowing your social media to function like the effective business tool that it is.  


You will never again be lost in a sea of rehearsal room selfies.


The reality is, a singing career is hard and competitive. Invest in the strongest creative team in the business. 


This is JMD x FAYMOUS. Focus on your craft, and we’ll take care of the rest — and we’ll make it look really, really good.

Jennie + Fay

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