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Blond Genius Bloomington

Opera Theatre of Saint Louis

The Crossing

One World Catering

One World at Woolery Mill

Ben Bliss

Samantha Hankey

Madison Leonard

Andres Acosta

Nicholas Brownlee

Hook, Push, & Pray

Bille Bruley

Jack Swanson

Frederick Ballentine

Amina Edris

Brian Michael Moore

Loren Meeker

Emily Edmonds

Michael Shell

Richard Trey Smagur

Dean Anthony

Theo Hoffman

Jennifer Feinstein

Clients Say

Read what clients have to say about working with us.

Ben Bliss

"From start to finish Jennie couldn't have been more professional, helpful, accommodating, & artfully skilled. She tailored her work to my needs and my limited ability to offer creative input. She put together a fabulous site on time & under budget for a phenomenal value. I could not recommend Jennie's services highly enough!"

Jack Swanson

“What can I say? Jennie Moser is by far the best website builder for singers around! I am so thrilled with the work she did and continues to do on my website. She updates my website on a moment's notice and has fantastic ideas to help make your website fit your personality.”

Samantha Hankey

"Collaborating with Jennie for a new website and branding design work was one of the best decisions!! I was at a point where I felt I had outgrown the usual template-style sites and wanted my website to better represent my personality, artistry, and accomplishments. Jennie’s work is incredibly detail oriented, stylish, and she understands how to design and manage a variety of content in a seamless fashion. I love that she understood my vision from the start, listened to my requests and was willing to try new things with me that she hadn’t done before to make my overall dream come to life. Jennie truly took the website and design work even further than I had envisioned, and she has created something I’m so very proud of!"

Madison Leonard

"Having witnessed Jennie’s designs since her first few projects, I can firmly attest to her incredible natural instincts as well as her adaptability. She takes the basic fundamentals of your project needs and embellishes them in a way that is always streamlined, professional, individualized, and memorable. Her process is efficient and communicative and I continue to be blown away with her designs time and time again."

Sofia Selowsky

"Jennie is a pleasure to work with. She has a superb eye and was able to execute every detail I envisioned for my website.  Her keen understanding of web design and the opera industry allows her to create websites that are accessible, functional, and individual."

Richard Trey Smagur

"Jennie had a solid vision from the start and presented me with a first draft that looked like a finished product.  She was quick, professional, and incredibly responsive to my recommendations. Beginning my professional career, I knew I wanted a website that could help make my mark on the scene.  Jennie had a unique vision and creative stroke that was just what I was looking for.  Pair this with a wonderful rapport and timely communication and I could not have asked for someone better to help me build my site."

Kaitlyn Johnson

"Jennie has an exceptional eye for design and customized a site that perfectly fit my own vision. I am so happy to have a site that reflects my personality! She is great to work with and consulted me throughout the design process to ensure we were both on the same page. She always responds in a timely manner and strives to give every client’s site a different personal touch!”


"Jennie and her team built MESS's visual identity from a simple logo with no online presence to a fully fleshed-out brand. Finding the delicate balance to convey MESS's spirit - marrying the tradition of opera with the cutting-edge innovation of a startup - was no easy or simple task, and one that Jennie led with great effectiveness. Her business rigor and attention to detail are second to none, and I could not recommend her more highly."

Lachlan Glen,  Co-Founder of MESS NYC

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