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The Kellie is rich, stately, and luxurious — but never stuffy. Available in 2 colors, this media-rich theme allows your content to tell a strong, creative artist story while remaining straightforward and accessible for companies, organizations, family members, and budding fan bases alike.


DIY Energy, Custom Results: our first collection of fully editable, zero-coding-required templates handcrafted just for solo performers is here. When Jennie launched JMD, templates geared toward musicians typically addressed commercial music industries. Tour dates and EP releases are great for pop artists, but that's not necessarily what opera companies and symphonies are looking for when they google you.


All templates include the following pages:

  • Home

  • About/Biography (includes press kit)

  • Engagements

  • Recent Engagements

  • Media

  • Press/News

  • Contact


Our templates are already optimized for mobile devices and tablets (Fun Fact #1: site views are usually about 40% desktop, 60% mobile).


Each page contains a series of best practices we’ve picked up along the way from our work with dozens of incredible clients in the arts to help you make the strongest impact with your site.


We’ve incorporated feedback from artistic administrators, directors, singers, instrumentalists, managers, heads of marketing departments, developers, and other designers (Fun Fact #2: our sites have been used as examples of how to create artists sites by administrators from The Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, The Santa Fe Opera Apprentice Program, and The Houston Grand Opera Studio to name a few).


We’ve read analytics for every site we’ve ever designed and laid out these templates in a way that gives your site audience exactly what they’re looking for first (Fun Fact #3: pretty much no one visits a press page, which is why we try to sneakily work press quotes in across other areas of the site).


We’ve spent lots, and lots, and lots of time sourcing the most contemporary design trends so that your site doesn’t look like it was designed the same year your Mozart aria was written.

And if something isn’t quite you? Change it up. We put in the heavy lifting on design, development, and layout so that you could spend your time making your site fully yours. (Fun Fact #4: Wix is considered one of the most intuitive editors for non-designers out there while still remaining fully customizable. That’s why we picked it. Win-win!).


We can’t wait to see you make these templates your own!

The Kellie: Banana Leaf

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